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Reimagining the participant web experience

As part of our drive to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions, Vanguard is set to radically transform the participant web experience.

Your employees inhabit an evolving digital world. To fulfill our commitment to them and to you, we're investing in advanced tools to anticipate and adapt to changing needs.

The new web experience closely integrates with our groundbreaking advice and guidance platform to untangle complexity at every step of the financial journey. Our goal is to put every participant at the center of a world-class support ecosystem that progresses and grows as they build financial wellness and retirement security.

Release timeline

  • CompletedFirst release
  • Fall 2020Second release
  • Early 2021New experience rollout

Impactful enhancements

Deeper personalization

AI and behavior-based customization create unique dashboards and hyper-relevant experiences that equip your employees to manage their financial journey on their own terms.

Intuitive guidance

Building on our effective nudging approach, we're integrating personal guidance so every part of the experience steers the participant toward improved outcomes.

Constant growth

A powerful, flexible technology foundation will position Vanguard to develop, test, and deliver new features at an unparalleled pace.

Taking the next step

Vanguard led the way with data-driven personalization and AI-powered guidance. Our reimagined web experience builds on that legacy, placing our industry-leading* personalization engine at the center of every participant interaction.

Our groundbreaking partnership with Infosys will power our next steps. Together, we will propel innovation and enhance the technologies underlying our participant web experience.

On our path to launch the industry's first truly cloud-native recordkeeping platform, we will create an experience that follows your participants across devices and channels of interaction. We will also build the next generation of our industry-leading* personalization engine. You and your participants will always enjoy the cutting-edge experiences you expect and deserve.

* Source: Maximizing Offer Relevance: Vanguard's Needs-Based Approach to Personalized Communications, Gartner. June 2019.

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Clients and consultants

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A sneak peek at the new site

Navigation that just clicks

View progress. Adjust contributions. Manage accounts. Whatever it is your participants want to do, it will never be more than a few clicks away.

Check out the new

Welcome to enrolling while scrolling

Whether on mobile or desktop, onboarding couldn't be easier. An intuitive and engaging design leverages natural web behavior to guide participants step by simple step.

Check out the new

A wealth of education

A robust library of content to boost financial acumen based on personal interests.

Check out

Smarter saving made simple

From highlighting opportunities to single-click updates, we're minimizing the effort of maximizing contributions.

Check out the
Contribution maximizer

Information hub

Check out some of the research and thought leadership driving our web experience.

The real value of advice

Good advice can make a powerful difference for retirement readiness.

Collaborating to a default

Leading retirement experts work closely with plan sponsors to create the right 401(k) for their own workplaces.

Using the power of AI to help plan participants

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn't coming to the retirement plan space. It's already here.

Let's talk more about how we can help your employees.

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Clients and consultants

Reach out to your Vanguard representative for more details.


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