Retirement recordkeeping

Guiding employees to financial well-being, and on through a fruitful retirement, is a top priority for many employers.

Better outcomes for participants, more value for sponsors

Discover the unique world of Vanguard recordkeeping.

Our innovative recordkeeping services can help your participants stay on track for retirement, and meet their day-to-day financial needs.

Trusted partnership

With our retirement recordkeeping, flexibility is the name of the game. And as your true partner in retirement readiness, we give you the freedom to build your plan the way you want, with features that are most important to you.

Expert insights

We give you and your participants the tools and information to make the decisions that matter most. Combining advanced AI, analytics, and benchmarking, we’ll help ensure that each participant’s future is in good hands. 

Powerful tech

No two plans are the same. No two participants are the same. And of course, no two journeys to retirement are the same. That’s why we personalize the participant experience down to the individual, while also providing deep analytics to help you make the big decisions.

Some tools of our trade

We constantly strive to do what’s best for you and your participants, promoting their financial health and your fiduciary well-being. Here’s just a taste of how we do it. 

Combining digital intelligence with human expertise, Vanguard My Plan Manager (MPM) is a plan sponsor website designed to make plan administration easier. It essentially lays the groundwork that can help lead our clients to make the smartest decisions for their plans and improve financial well-being for employees.

Everybody needs a little help with their money now and then. That’s why we’ve introduced advice services that are available and accessible for all participants, regardless of where they are in their investing lives, that will help with any financial goal—not just the retirement ones.  

Our differentiated investment philosophy includes a long-term focus, disciplined approach, and a sound process for evaluating investment managers, which together can help your participants maximize their retirement savings over the long haul. 

Outcomes matter to you—and to us

It’s our job to help our participants feel secure so they can live their best financial lives on their way to retirement—and all the way through it. And it’s going pretty well so far.
2.7 x
In 2021, participants were 2.7 times more likely to take action because of our individualized approach.¹

We’re the first recipient of the Morningstar Award for Exemplary Stewardship.

Source: Morningstar, 2019.²

1.5 million
Participant messages are personalized over 1.5 million ways (soon to be more than 5 million).
In 2021, 60% of participants took at least one positive action to improve their retirement readiness.³

When you choose Vanguard as your recordkeeper, we get to help build a better future and improve outcomes for your participants. Which is exactly why we’re in business.

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1Compares the action rates of Vanguard participants who received our Personalized Participant Journey emails versus those participants who received the same message in a standard email, for the 12 months ended December 31, 2021. Source: Vanguard, December 31, 2021.


2In 2019, Vanguard received Morningstar’s inaugural “Exemplary Stewardship Award,” which recognizes the asset manager that has shown an unwavering focus on serving the best interests of investors. Morningstar conducts in-depth qualitative analyses in order to select nominees and, subsequently, vote to determine the award winner. To qualify for the award, the firm must have received a Parent pillar rating of "positive." The Parent pillar rating measures the quality of a firm's care of investors' capital. The firms must demonstrate an investor-focused corporate culture and an alignment of interests between investors and the people who control the destiny of the investment strategies.


3Source: Vanguard, December 31, 2021. A positive action can include such activities as registering for web access, increasing a contribution rate, enrolling in a retirement plan, and signing up for an advice service.


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