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Your defined contribution plan has a lot riding on it. Your 401(k) recordkeeper should treat it that way. That’s our promise.

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Our vision for recordkeeping services is shaped by our core purpose: to give each investor the best chance for investment success. So we deliver personal support and dedicated service with a single-minded focus on improving outcomes for both you and your employees.

You and your participants get the best of Vanguard even if your 401(k) doesn’t use our products.


in overall recordkeeping satisfaction¹  

robo-advisor score in Morningstar’s 2023 Robo-Advisor Landscape report for the second year*
manager of defined contribution assets³
*Awarded June 2023 based on data as of December 2022.
Vanguard compensated Morningstar for permission to promote the award.3
Our recordkeeping practice builds on the industry leadership that has made us the top manager of defined contribution assets and a top provider of advice. Put that expertise to work for your plan and you’ll see why our clients value the Vanguard difference.

You decide what success looks like.

Your 401(k) plan represents a major commitment of resources and responsibility toward your strategic goals. As your recordkeeper, our job is to work with you to achieve them. That’s why we integrate dedicated experts with your team to learn about your plan and what matters to you.
The average full-career participant at Vanguard is on track to replace almost three-quarters of their income in retirement.4

If you’re looking to attract and retain talent, we can benchmark your plan against the competition and help ensure you’re delivering the best benefits possible. If you want to improve employee retirement readiness, we work to optimize your plan design, drawing on the decades of research and thought leadership that powers How America Saves. Whichever path you choose for your plan becomes our mandate.

At Vanguard, your plan will always be a priority, and you’ll see that in how we work with you.

How does your plan stack up?

The Value of Ownership®

Vanguard isn’t a different kind of recordkeeper because we choose to be. We’re simply made that way. Since our fund investors are also our owners, we have the same goals they do.5

We’re never forced to choose between what matters to you and what’s profitable for Vanguard. We’re by your side coaching and guiding you and your employees toward your goals.

That’s why your success is our mission.

Your employees know someone has their back.

For many workers, financial questions are a major source of stress. Your employees can better address those questions—and focus more closely on their day-to-day—when someone has their back.
Vanguard participants are nearly 50% more likely to increase savings after engaging with our digital financial wellness experience.6

We deliver personalized guidance that treats your employees as unique individuals. They’ll have access to an array of tools developed to help them build retirement readiness, and to tackle the challenges that stand in the way, such as paying down debt and saving for emergencies.

At Vanguard, financial wellness isn’t a part of the participant experience, it’s the point.

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1In 2022, in a report conducted by Coalition Greenwich, plan sponsors named Vanguard as the number one recordkeeper in terms of overall satisfaction.

2Vanguard is the top manager of DC assets based on AUM in both Vanguard-administered plans and plans administered by other firms. Sources: Vanguard and Morningstar, Inc., as of December 31, 2022.

3Vanguard received the first overall ranking in Morningstar’s 2023 Robo-Advisor Landscape report among 17 other robo-advisors selected by Morningstar. Morningstar evaluated each provider across the following weighted criteria as of December 2022, to determine their rankings: total price (30%); the process used to select investments, construct portfolios, and match portfolios with investors (30%); the parent organization behind the digital platform (20%); and breadth of services (20%). Morningstar also selected "Vanguard Digital Advisor for the 2022 award based on December 2021 data. For more on Morningstar’s methodology, go to The Best Robo-Advisors of 2023. Current fees may vary for Digital Advisor and the other robo-advisors considered. Although Vanguard compensates Morningstar for marketing services, Morningstar’s opinions and evaluations are independent and unrelated to the selection of Vanguard for this ranking. Following the independent announcement of this ranking, Vanguard purchased a license from Morningstar for the right to include this rating in Vanguard marketing. Source: “2023 Robo-Advisor Landscape” by Amy C. Arnott, et al. © 2023 Morningstar, Inc. All rights reserved.

4Source: Vanguard, Assessing the retirement readiness of participants, November 2022.

5Vanguard is owned by its funds, which are owned by Vanguard’s fund shareholder clients.

6Source: Vanguard, 2023.