Retirement recordkeeping 

Fearlessly forward: guiding employees up to and through retirement with ease and confidence.

Better outcomes for participants, more value for sponsors

Discover the unique world of Vanguard recordkeeping.
We focus on what matters most: helping participants save for retirement and beyond. The proof is in our performance.
#1 in overall recordkeeping satisfaction by plan sponsors.1
In 2022, 61% of participants took at least one positive action to improve their retirement readiness.³
In 2022, participants were 2 times more likely to take action because of our individualized approach.2
Participant messages are personalized in more than 1.5 million ways (soon to be more than 5 million).

Trusted partnership

With our retirement recordkeeping, flexibility is the name of the game. And as your true partner in retirement readiness, we give you the freedom to build your plan the way you want, with features that are most important to you.

Expert insights

We give you and your participants the tools and information to make the decisions that matter most. Combining advanced AI, analytics, and benchmarking, we’ll help ensure that each participant’s future is in good hands.

Powerful tech

No two plans are the same. No two participants are the same. And of course, no two journeys to retirement are the same. That’s why we personalize the participant experience down to the individual, while also providing deep analytics to help you make the big decisions.

Vanguard Well on Your Way™

Discover how Vanguard can help prepare your participants for life’s big moments—and the small ones too.
Discover how Vanguard can help prepare your participants for life’s big moments—and the small ones too.
Actionable advice that brings options for all participants, at all stages, to help achieve all their financial goals—not just the retirement ones.
Discover how Vanguard can help prepare your participants for life’s big moments—and the small ones too. Personalized financial wellness experiences that inspire participants to act.

When you choose Vanguard as your recordkeeper, we get to help build a better future and improve outcomes for your participants. Which is exactly why we’re in business.

Want to learn more about Well on Your Way and why it could be right for your participants?
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1 In 2022, in a report conducted by Coalition Greenwich, plan sponsors in the study named Vanguard as the number one recordkeeper in terms of overall satisfaction. 

2 Compares the action rates of Vanguard participants who received our Personalized Participant Journey emails versus those participants who received the same message in a standard email, for the 12 months ended December 31, 2022. Source: Vanguard, December 31, 2022.

3 Source: Vanguard, December 31, 2022. A positive action can include such activities as registering for web access, increasing a contribution rate, enrolling in a retirement plan, and signing up for an advice service.

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