My Retirement Guide

You’re one step closer to helping provide peace of mind and maximizing on-time retirements for your pre-retiree participants and filling in the decumulation gap for those in retirement. All at no additional costs to your plan or your participants.

A partnership built for your participants

The focus of My Retirement Guide is to help pre-retirees transitioning into their well-earned retirement. It offers straightforward retirement tools to get started toward a specific goal, stay on track through helpful nudges, and transition into retirement smoothly with retirement income products.

How we support participants on the retirement journey

Providing a thorough assessment of participants’ progress toward financial security

It starts with your participants taking a retirement checkup and setting a retirement goal. They input information like their current savings, sources of income, and estimated Social Security to get projections of how much they’ll have in retirement.

Because retirement is a moving target and numbers can change, your participants can easily make updates when needed to produce revised projections.


Equipping your participants with the confidence to tackle their complex needs

My Retirement Guide aggregates all the information your participants share and, based on their unique situation, serves up next-best actions and content to help them meet their retirement goals.

Personalization image

For example, participants will receive messaging and educational content to better understand topics related to Social Security, long-term care costs, taxes, and more! Once retired, they will receive messages providing guidance on withdrawals and how to help their savings last through retirement.

These relevant and useful retirement planning tools accompany your participants each step of the journey to financial security, providing your participants with confidence and clarity around their retirement journey.

More on how personalization can help your participants take the next step.

Delivering personalization

Serving up asset strategies to match their unique situations

A big part of a participant’s successful retirement is picking the right investments for their needs. My Retirement Guide will feature an Equity Landing Point tool to help your participants consider the appropriate asset allocation that may be best suited to their goals in retirement.

Retirement Fund Assessment

The participant will fill out a questionnaire to gather inputs on their retirement investing goals, risk tolerance, and the stability of any retirement income sources. Once that’s completed, the tool will educate participants on the retirement income investment funds that may be best suited to their unique situation.

Participants can utilize this tool at various stages in their retirement planning journey to continue evaluating whether their investing decisions align with their retirement income needs.

Helping participants answer the tough question: Do I have enough?

Getting to retirement is just the first step. My Retirement Guide features tools that continue to help your participants in retirement.

One of these resources will be the Annual Spending Estimate that uses saving projections along with outputs from a retirement budgeting exercise to help determine how much your participants may be able to spend in retirement each month.

The estimate can then:


Analyze Spending

Discover how retirement income can multiply the power of you.

Retirement income solutions

Visualizing participants’ saving and spending needs

Explore the two key tools that participants say are helping them make better plans for the future.

Right on target

The Equity Landing Point tool provides participants with personalized target-retirement investment recommendations that match their goals.

Retirement spending made easy

See how My Retirement Guide is helping pre-retirees solve the mystery of retirement spending with customized budgeting support and guidance on taking withdrawals.

Questions? Reach out to your Vanguard representative for more information.

My Retirement Guide is an interactive tool that does not provide investment advice or investment recommendations, but rather, retirement planning guidance. The output of the tool, which includes the likelihood of various outcomes, is hypothetical in nature and does not project actual investment results or retirement success. The tool provides an analysis based on investors' input and makes a number of additional assumptions to assist with retirement planning needs.

All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest. There is no guarantee that any particular asset allocation or mix of funds will meet your investment objectives or provide you with a given level of income.