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Our recordkeeping transformation

The groundbreaking evolution of our full-service DC plan business includes the world's first fully cloud-native recordkeeping technology platform. You'll find consultant-specific content here and updates for you and your clients on our transformation webpage.

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Due diligence guide for consultants

This reference provides detailed information on Vanguard’s enhanced service model so you can help your clients thoroughly evaluate recordkeeping services from Vanguard.

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Working together:
Vanguard and Infosys

In this video series, senior leaders from both firms address the working framework for tech development, service transition, and ongoing oversight.

Advice and financial well-being


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Target Retirement Trust fee cuts save investors $20 million

Vanguard recently lowered fees for our Target Retirement Trusts by 5% to 10% across the board. Learn how our pricing philosophy leads to lower costs and how we additionally strive to improve financial well-being for your clients’ participants.


Why bonds still matter in a low-yield world

This article looks at the role of high-quality bonds in long-term portfolios, including Vanguard’s Target Retirement series, and examines potential trade-offs of strategies designed to increase yield, such as changes to duration, quality, or asset allocation.

Target-date funds

As a consultant, your time and expertise are your greatest commodities. The Consultant Hub lets you review your entire book of business at Vanguard, including plan data and fund information, and connects you with the latest research and insights from Vanguard experts. By more quickly accessing the information you need, you can increase efficiency and free more time for tasks that generate the most value.