How America Saves 2023

Real data to drive positive action

What can 5 million participants tell us about how they save? Plenty.

Vanguard's John James introduces How America Saves 2023

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Vanguard's John James introduces How America Saves 2023.
Our annual deep dive into participant saving behaviors gives you everything you need to know about what’s going on in the retirement industry.

Build a better retirement plan

This year, we’re spotlighting three key actions you can take to make your plan a better place to save and help your participants move closer to fulfilling their retirement dreams.

Build a strong plan

For retirement savers, good plan design matters. For instance, a combination of automatic features in your plan can provide powerful results for your participants. Put our deep expertise and insights to work for your participants and help them make real progress toward their goals.

Embrace wellness and advice

Despite market and economic uncertainty, participants remained resilient in 2022. However, hardship withdrawals, a likely indicator of financial stress, were on the rise. Our financial wellness approach along with our advice services can help reduce stress and let your participants save in a way that's best for them.  

Make your plan a desirable destination

Your plan is an attractive place for your employees to preserve their retirement savings. And because goals differ from retiree to retiree, flexible withdrawal options, installment services, and cost-effective advice can help provide retirement income solutions that could be right for everyone.

Industry benchmark reports

Industry-specific data for stronger plan design
Plan design is complex and important work, and we’re always here to help you. In these reports, you’ll find data to show how your plan compares with other plans in your industry. With this data at your fingertips, and our expertise, you can create stronger, more enriching plans for your participants.
Reports by industry

Our report for small businesses

Small businesses should think big when it comes to retirement plan design. Produced every other year, Vanguard brings you small business insights in DC Plan Comparison: Small Versus Large Employers.
How America Saves is Vanguard’s pioneering data-based thought leadership. But our thought leadership casts a wide net beyond How America Saves. For more, visit our monthly Vanguard Viewpoints.

Source: Vanguard, How America Saves, 2023.

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