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To subscribe to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, you must use an RSS aggregator—often called an RSS reader or news reader. An aggregator downloads content from other sites and then displays a list of headlines on your personalized webpage, or within a stand-alone software application. When you click one of the headlines, you're directed back to the site where the article originated, such as Most aggregators update your headline list automatically, so you always see the most recent content.

RSS services compile feeds from various Internet sources and list the articles on personalized WebPages.

To add Vanguard's news feed to your page, simply choose the feed you want from the table on the Subscribe to Vanguard news feeds page and click the appropriate button.

To sign up for one of these services, or for more information, visit their respective sites:

How to use RSS news feeds

Using stand-alone RSS software

Note: Vanguard takes no responsibility for the content on external websites and cannot provide technical support for third-party RSS aggregation services or software.

If you use a stand-alone RSS reader, such as SharpReader or FeedDemon, there are two ways to subscribe to Vanguard news feeds:

  • In the table on the Subscribe to Vanguard news feeds page, click the XML icon button for the RSS feed you want. If your reader is configured to accept feeds automatically, the feed should be added to your RSS reader's subscription list. If not, clicking the button will open a new browser window containing HTML code. Simply copy the feed's URL from the browser address bar and paste it into your RSS reader's subscription field.
  • Copy and paste the feed URL into your RSS reader's subscription field. This option is appropriate if your reader isn't configured to subscribe to feeds automatically, or if the XML icon option does not work.

How to unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe from the Vanguard news feed at any time. How you do so depends on which RSS service you use: