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Category: Retirement

Steve Utkus, head of Vanguard Center for Retirement Research, takes a closer look at the retirement system in Australia and why it might be difficult to adopt in the United States.

Category: Retirement

Government statistics show that nearly half of workers at small companies now can participate in a retirement plan -- up dramatically from less than a third in 2006. Vanguard Retirement Plan Access leader Jing Wang discusses reasons behind the growth.

Category: Retirement

Using data from How America Saves 2013, Vanguard's online benchmarking tool gives plan sponsors a customized report showing how their plan stacks up against their peers. From deferral rates to investment options, sponsors receive a snapshot of their plan’s strengths and opportunities.

Category: Retirement

Driven almost exclusively by the addition of index target-date options to investment menus, indexing in Vanguard-administered DC plans has increased sharply in recent years.

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Category: Retirement

Educating retirement plan participants about beneficiary designations prevents unintended asset transfers that threaten loved ones' financial security and leave plan administrators sorting out who gets what.


Cyndy Pagliaro

Senior Retirement Research Analyst

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Steve Utkus

Retirement Research Director

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Jean Young, CPA

Senior Research Analyst

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