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In the research paper, 'The case for index-fund investing', Vanguard Investment Strategy Group explains why indexing has tended to outperform higher cost actively managed strategies across time periods and fund categories.

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Category: Investments

Vanguard investment experts explain why they believe so-called 'smart beta' strategies aren't really indexing, and why the strategies should be viewed through an active management lens.

Category: Investments

Rodney Comegys, a principal in Vanguard Equity Investment Group, shares his experience at a recent industry conference where smart beta was discussed, and provides Vanguard's perspective on the subject.

Category: Investments

Vanguard Chief Investment Officer Tim Buckley advises that so-called alternative indexing should be evaluated through an "active lens."

Category: Investments

Index funds may be the greatest financial innovation in the past 40 years because they are a low-cost, diversified investment alternative. Active funds typically underperform the market, while individual stock selection is time-consuming.


Josh Barrickman, CFA

Head of Bond Indexing

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Joe Brennan, CFA

Head of Global Equity Indexing

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Gregory Davis

Global head of Fixed Income

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The case for index-fund investing

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