Category: Investments

It’s been widely assumed that the retiring baby boom generation could lead to a bust in equity returns. This infographic shows how these concerns may be overblown.

Category: Retirement

Doing what’s best for investors often means making tough choices, especially in the competitive and complicated retirement industry.

Category: Market & economic

There is still plenty of slack in the economy, despite unemployment rates holding steady, which means The Federal Reserve can keep rates low for longer.

Category: Fiduciary

An effective RFP process is a critical component to successful investment management. Vanguard’s Catherine Gordon reviews factors institutions should consider and steps they should take to make the RFP process more effective for their organization.

Category: Regulatory

With stricter plan audits, the DOL is increasing scrutiny on fiduciaries and focusing on new areas such as fees, forfeiture accounts, and more. Vanguard can help sponsors navigate these audits and remain compliant.


Joe Davis, Ph.D.

Chief Economist

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Catherine Gordon

Principal, Investment Strategy

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Steve Utkus

Retirement Research Director

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