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We deliver the flexibility and the support you’re looking for to build your plan and set your participants up for retirement success. 

Personalized for participants. Optimized for success.

Nothing’s left to chance— they’ll have guidance on just what to do and when to do it.
Innovation is in our DNA. And it’s exactly how we inspire participants to take small steps—unique to their own individual needs and goals—to better their financial well-being. And how we provide plan sponsors with the information they need to effortlessly move from data to decision. 

Innovation with a purpose

Innovation with a purpose

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Financial well-being one participant at a time

Technology drives personalization. And personalization is how we meet participants wherever they are in their financial journeys and serve them with relevant education, actions, and guidance that will prepare them for retirement and beyond.

  • We put participants first with an experience that truly treats them as unique individuals—with the aim of making sure they receive the right message, at the right time, and through the right channel.

  • The individualized experience identifies what is most important to each and every participant. It addresses long-term goals, such as retirement. It also helps with short-term financial challenges too, or all the things that get in the way with saving for retirement.

  • Our personalization engine analyzes extensive data on each participant's needs, preferences, and behavior to ensure the recommended actions are as unique as each participant's own DNA. 

Supporting your evolving needs

Complex plan? Don’t worry. Flexibility is at the core of our retirement readiness offering. And we invest in the technology and people to:

  • Incorporate all the features of your plan—so there’s no need to use proprietary solutions or specific providers, unless you want to.

  • Adapt quickly to legal and regulatory changes, so you won’t see the delays that are often a factor when using older platforms.

  • Offer the opportunity to integrate with the top companies in health savings, brokerage, and other services to deliver a comprehensive and adaptable plan design.

Leave the heavy lifting to us

With our safe and secure retirement recordkeeping platform, everything you need to administer your plan and get your participants close to retirement success is right at your fingertips. We handle the complex stuff, running on advanced technology so you can count on more efficient service and intelligent solutions.

And what’s even better, we take the repetition and risk of everyday tasks off your plate so you can focus on other important things, like running your business. 

Cybersecurity: faster than the speed of threat

You place a great deal of trust in us as your recordkeeper, and we never take that for granted. One of our most serious responsibilities is protecting your employees’ accounts from online threats. This has only grown more critical as we expand the range of digital tools and services offered to help your employees achieve financial well-being and retirement security. We make a heavy investment in people, systems, and processes to safeguard every dollar and every byte of information entrusted in our care.

We combined multiple industry standards with our own proprietary tools to create a constantly evolving, multilevel security program. It’s defense in depth at its best—and it's just one of the ways we take a stand for every investor. 

Vanguard My Plan Manager

You’ll manage your plan through My Plan Manager™, a fantastic plan sponsor experience that’s smarter, faster, and more intuitive—and gives you the insights you’ll need to get the results you want.

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