How we help employees

We personalize each participant’s financial journey to help employees achieve financial well-being up to and through retirement.

Personalized for participants. 
Optimized for success. 

Nothing’s left to chance—they’ll
get guidance on just what to do
and when to do it.   
Employees increasingly look to defined contribution plans to support overall financial health and wellness. In fact, studies have shown 74% of employees want help with their personal finances.1

of participants in Vanguard plans took action to improve their financial well-being in the past year.2

Building greater financial well-being, one participant at a time

Everyone’s financial well-being journey is unique. We’ll help your employees take the next step wherever they are on that journey. No matter whether they’re just beginning to pay down debt or are preparing for retirement, your participants will be surrounded by an ecosystem of support focused on financial wellness. 
The financial well-being journey
Empowering employees through tools and tech 

Personalization is key to engagement. Our recordkeeping technology analyzes the financial behavior of each participant and encourages them to take a positive action.

It does this by sending the right message, at the right time, and through the right channel.

And your employees can drive that personalization themselves. For example, our employee experience lets participants customize their online dashboard by “pinning” the information and capabilities that matter most to them.

We also provide the hands-on tools employees need to effectively manage a retirement-readiness strategy. Through our tools and services, your participants can create a personalized budget, maximize retirement plan savings, and categorize and pay down high-interest debt accounts.

Vanguard Well on Your Way™ 

Discover how Vanguard can help prepare your participants for life’s big moments—and the small ones too.
The path to financial wellness starts with personalized financial wellness experiences, actionable advice, and enduring investments. That’s Well on Your Way.

Financial wellness tools
Accessible guidance that helps employees get their finances under control with small, easy steps.

Actionable advice
Actionable advice that brings options for all participants, at all stages, to help achieve all their financial goals—not just the retirement ones.

Enduring investments
Low costs and a long-term focus help employees weather the journey.
Cybersecurity, backed by a promise

One of our most critical responsibilities as recordkeeper is to protect participant accounts. To counter online threats we combine multiple industry standards with our own proprietary tools, creating a continually evolving, multilevel security program.

We back our security program with the promise to protect investors’ money as if it were our own, and to make them whole for any losses resulting from a security failure if Vanguard is at fault.

Debt Paydown Strategy demo

Our Debt Paydown Strategy tool can help employees control their spending and free up more money to reduce debt and save for retirement.
See the Debt Paydown Strategy tool in action by filling out the form below to view the video:

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1PwC’s 2023 Employee Financial Wellness Survey.

2Source: Vanguard, 2023.

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