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Our vision for recordkeeping services is shaped by our core purpose: to give each investor the best chance for investment success. So with us, participants come first. 

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A better, brighter future for all.

Today’s charged regulatory and legal environment raises the stakes for plan sponsors and others who manage investments on behalf of employees. Add to that the risks posed by cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, and hidden fees, and one thing is clear: It’s critical you put your best fiduciary foot forward.

To do that, you’ll have to rely on your recordkeeper to help bring the highest levels of ethical conduct and fiduciary care to the management of your retirement plans. 

The value of ownership

Vanguard’s ownership structure is our greatest strength. Since our fund investors are also our owners,1 we have the same goals they do. This means we’re by their side, coaching and guiding them to greater financial well-being. 
1Vanguard is investor owned. This means investors own the funds that own Vanguard.

The cost—and value—of transparency

Comparing fees for recordkeeping and other services
How can you tell if an investment firm truly has your best interests in mind? Try to look at their total costs. Is it easy to tell just how much you’re going to pay? We know how important it is to be transparent about costs. After all, costs are central to a sponsor’s fiduciary responsibility—and not knowing the full picture can put you at risk. All in: Understanding the Total Cost of Your Retirement Plan explains Vanguard’s all-in pricing approach and advocates for price transparency. 

We stand committed to financial health for your participants

Vanguard Well on Your WayTM—our total financial wellness platform—can help your participants be financially prepared for life’s big moments, small moments, and all the moments in between.

Debt Paydown Strategy demo

Our Debt Paydown Strategy tool can help participants control their spending and free up more money to put toward reducing debt and saving for retirement.

Vanguard has the track record to show that we are dedicated to doing the right thing for our investors, and perhaps most critically, our investors trust us to steward their assets as if they were our own. John James Managing Director Vanguard Institutional Investor Group

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