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Your industry knowledge is powerful. Combine it with ours, and you have a wealth of participant data and fiduciary expertise to draw from. With access to our experts, a deep data pool on participants, and tools designed through consultant research and input, you can stand out as a standard bearer for financial well‐being.

Our expert teams at a glance

Equity Investment Group
  • 63 portfolio managers and traders.
  • Equity index and active quantitative strategies tracking more than 60 benchmarks.
Portfolio Review Group
  • 85 professionals (29 CFAs®).
  • Manager selection due diligence.
  • Monitoring all internally managed index and fixed income funds.
Risk Management
  • 81 professionals.
  • Independent team reporting to the CIO.
  • Thorough and conservative approach to risk control.
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Fixed Income Group
  • 177 professionals.
  • Bond, money market, and stable value.
  • Index and active strategies tracking more than 50 benchmarks.
Investment Strategy Group
  • 71 professionals (17 Ph.D.s).
  • Empirical research on fiduciary and investment committee issues.
  • Economic analysis and insight.
  • Portfolio modeling.
Strategic Retirement Consulting 
  • 35 staff; average Vanguard tenure: 19 years.
  • Fiduciary, plan design, and regulatory expertise for DC and DB plans.
  • Advanced degrees include 7 J.D.s, 12 QPA, 11 QKA, 8 CPC, 5 CEBS.
As of March 31, 2022.
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