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Principal and Head of Consultant Relations, Institutional Investor Group

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Welcome to our March issue of Vanguard at Work. I'm excited for you to dive into this month's newsletter and discover how Vanguard leverages technology to help drive outcomes that matter most to our shared clients. Plan sponsors and participants have felt the momentum in the last year: faster transaction times, a reduction in errors, an improvement in satisfaction, and new tools that are putting retirement within reach for participants. And that's just the start.

Before you keep reading, take a moment to watch a brief video from Sam Anaokar, head of Strategy, Partnerships, and Operations at Vanguard. Sam will share where technology is taking us and how it fits into our client-first approach to better serve plan sponsors and their participants.

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Sam Anaokar smiling at the camera

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Metrics that matter

71 %

of participants took at least one positive action last year to improve financial well-being.

*As of January 31, 2024


68 %

Full-career participants in Vanguard 401(k) plans, on average, are on track to replace 68% of their income in retirement.*

*As of December 31, 2023
88 %

overall satisfaction among Vanguard 401(k) participants with their experience calling Vanguard.*

*As of February 29, 2024
95 %

of our operational service levels are at or above our targeted goals.*

*As of December 31, 2023
95 %

first-call resolution for participants calling into Vanguard.*                            

 *As of February 29, 2024              

Financial well-being news

Investing can seem complex—but a sound strategy can help. Vanguard’s 4 principles—goals, balance, cost, discipline—can help you achieve investing success.
April 3 at 2 p.m. I Webinar
Join experts from Candidly and Vanguard to gain insights on how participants can reduce their student burden while also taking control of their finances.
Advice from Vanguard Q4
February 29, 2024 I Advice
See how our enrollment more than doubled in 2023 and how more glide paths are coming in 2024 to help boost participant financial well-being. 

Fiduciary well-being news

How the updates to Secure 2.0 impact you.
January 20, 2024 I Fiduciary Regulatory
Vanguard experts offer guidance on key SECURE 2.0 provisions to make sure plan sponsors are in compliance by the deadlines.

Service excellence and innovation news

Did you know that Vanguard is using bots (or intelligent automation) in new and different ways to help improve the participant experience and lighten the load for plan sponsors?

Our comprehensive intelligent automation portfolio focuses on improving operations. For example, we have a suite of robotic process automation models, including one that supports the hardship determination process. This model has successfully automated the processing of 115,000 hardship determination requests over 11 months. This automation not only improves precision and efficiency, but most importantly, it provides faster support to our participants during a stressful time.


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