Perspectives : Asset Management | December 19, 2022

Strategic fundraising and other critical resources for nonprofits

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Nonprofit organizations face growing headwinds caused by
inflation, market volatility, and a softening economy. Raising funds
in this environment can be difficult but not insurmountable. To help you maximize your development efforts, we provide resources from distinguished advancement officers and other fundraising experts.

Strategic fundraising webinar replay

Take a listen to our recently produced webinar, Strategic Fundraising Post-Pandemic: Acknowledge Challenges and Leverage Opportunities, co-sponsored by Vanguard and CCS Fundraising You’ll hear a panel of experts, led by Jeremy Tennenbaum, senior nonprofit strategist in Vanguard Institutional Investor Group, share their insights. 

Joining Jeremy in a conversation about key fundraising strategies and trends are senior advancement officers, leaders of several highly regarded nonprofit institutions, and the head of a global fundraising firm.

Donor-advised funds and online giving continue to excel. We see that trend playing out farther into the future. Greg Hagin Principal and Managing Director CCS Fundraising

One additional takeaway: Well-conceived campaigns that advance your institution’s value proposition are key to successful development efforts.
Duration: 1 hour

Charitable giving research

Robust charitable giving is the lifeblood of most nonprofits, and it’s an important goal for many investors as well. Although any gift can be beneficial, proper planning of when, what, and how to give can help maximize your donors’ philanthropic and overall wealth-planning goals.

Learn about various giving options, with examples, in Charitable Giving: Three Elements of a Successful Plan.

Vanguard’s OCIO services

We understand, and value, the essential contributions nonprofits make to our communities—from caring for our health, to educating our children, to supporting the arts, and more. And we know that managing a nonprofit is a challenging and time-consuming undertaking. That’s why we offer strategic investment experts and solutions to support your mission.

Additional resources

We support nonprofit leadership by sharing the thoughts and insights of our top experts. Fiduciary best practices? Cybersecurity and ESG? Market downturn mitigation strategies? We’ve got you covered.


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