Event announcement : DC Retirement

The Road to Financial Wellness: Reducing Student Loan Debt


Date: April 03,2024

1 hour

Dina Caggiula
Paulo Costa
Amber Moulder

Student loan debt is one of the biggest obstacles many employees face when it comes to financial well-being, and Vanguard wants to provide you with tools to help them overcome that burden. Vanguard experts Dina Caggiula and Paulo Costa are joined by Amber Moulder from Candidly, our student loan debt solution partner, to provide insights into ways participants can reduce their student loans while also saving for retirement, building an emergency fund, and pursuing other financial goals.

Student loan debt services are provided by Candidly. Candidly is not affiliated with The Vanguard Group, Inc., Vanguard Marketing Corporation, or any of their affiliates. The student loan debt services do not provide investment advice or recommendations, but rather student loan debt management guidance and education.