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Investment committee materials

Fulfill your mission

This tool kit provides fiduciary best practices for nonprofits. It describes the expectations and responsibilities of nonprofit investment committee members, including your role as a fiduciary, and offers helpful information on charters, investment policies, and more.

Key considerations for nonprofits

Our best thinking on topics that matter to you

We’re deeply committed to driving business success for nonprofits, and we’ve curated this collection of insights and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Market volatility resources

Market volatility and asset allocation

During tumultuous periods, you may be asking how you can protect your investment portfolios and your spending against downturn. While there’s no turnkey solution for nonprofit organizations, we’ve identified a common set of factors for you to consider. 

Virtual events

Strategic fundraising post-pandemic: Acknowledge challenges and leverage opportunities

A dynamic conversation with guests from Drexel University, The Episcopal Academy, and The Franklin Institute highlights fundraising trends as nonprofits emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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