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Washington update

May 29, 2020 | 11 a.m. Eastern time | Duration: 1 hour

Expert speaker: Jerry Golden

Join us as Jerry Golden, Vanguard’s Government Relations principal and head of U.S. Congressional Affairs, talks about Vanguard’s advocacy in Washington, D.C. Register today and submit your questions.

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How small and midsize businesses can grow in an evolving landscape

June 9, 2020 | 11 a.m. Eastern time | Duration: 1 hour

Expert speakers: Steve Holman, Brian J. Scott, Adam Schickling

Join us to gain insights on what retirement plan advisors need to know as small and midsize businesses navigate a changing landscape, particularly with the U.S. economy trying to emerge from the pandemic-induced slowdown. Steve Holman, principal and head of Vanguard Retirement Plan Access™, will be joined by two experts from Vanguard Investment Strategy Group: Brian J. Scott, a senior investment strategist, and economist Adam Schickling.

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Vanguard’s economic and market outlook

Date recorded: May 14, 2020 |  Duration: 42 minutes

Expert speakers: Kevin DiCiurcio and Kelly Farley

Get an update on Vanguard's market outlook in the midst of the current economic environment from Kevin DiCiurcio and Kelly Farley of Vanguard Investment Strategy Group. Find out why our long-term outlook has changed and what our updated performance expectations are for the broad equity and fixed income markets.

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Comparing stable value and money markets

Date recorded: May 7, 2020 |  Duration: 1 hour

Expert speakers: Nicole Townsend and Patricia Selim

Vanguard’s Head of Stable Value Investments, Patricia Selim, talks with Fixed Income Product Manager Nicole Townsend on the similarities and key differences between stable value and money market products. They discuss the risks and returns associated with each investment option, special considerations for plan sponsors and participants, and what to look for when selecting a stable value fund.

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How market conditions and stimulus efforts are impacting education

Date recorded: May 6, 2020 |  Duration: 1 hour

Experts from the law firm Pepper Hamilton LLP discuss issues encountered by colleges, universities, and independent schools in the wake of the current market conditions, including a discussion of economic stimulus and stabilization provisions in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Jeremy Tennenbaum, Vanguard senior nonprofit strategist, moderates the live event.

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Discussion on money markets and fund closures

Date recorded: April 22, 2020 |  Duration: 1 hour

Expert speakers: Nicole Townsend, Michael Palazzi, and Michael Neely

In this webinar recording, our experts discuss what’s going on in the money markets, Vanguard’s decision to soft close the Treasury Money Market Fund, and what the future might hold.

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Q&A on pension plans, market volatility, and declining rates

Date recorded: April 7, 2020 |  Duration: 1 hour

Expert speaker: Brett Dutton

Head of Pension Strategy for Vanguard Institutional Advisory Services Brett Dutton takes your questions on the current environment for pension plan sponsors and offers insights to help keep your portfolio and funded status on track.

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Q&A on target-date funds in the current market climate

Date recorded: April 3, 2020 |  Duration: 1 hour

Expert speakers: Martin Kleppe and Brian Miller

Martin Kleppe, head of Vanguard’s Index Strategies team, and Brian Miller, senior investment product manager, answer questions on how our target-date funds are designed to withstand market turmoil and how they are faring in the current market volatility.

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Q&A on market volatility with Chris Philips, CFA

Date recorded: March 30, 2020 |  Duration: 1 hour

Expert speaker: Chris Philips

Head of Vanguard Institutional Advisory Services® Chris Philips provides his perspective on recent market gyrations. Chris spends most of the webinar taking audience questions concerning portfolio management during extreme market conditions. He also shares insights on various risk management strategies and techniques available to support nonprofit portfolios, as well as the key market indicators and signals his team is closely monitoring.

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Q&A on money markets and stable value products

Date recorded: March 30, 2020 |  Duration: 1 hour

Expert speaker: Nicole Townsend

Fixed income product manager Nicole Townsend takes questions on how the current market environment is impacting money market and stable value products. She discusses the impact of low interest rates, liquidity concerns, and how Vanguard's money market and stable value products are handling the current economic crisis.

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