Vanguard Investment Perspectives Spring/Summer 2019

May 16, 2019

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Our Spring/Summer issue of Vanguard Investment Perspectives™ is ready, with an array of enlightening content. First, we take you behind the scenes, featuring the decision-making process for target-date fund strategies. We also provide insight into the credit research team's role in the investment process for our active fixed income funds, highlight some indexing innovation opportunities, and home in on active investment strategies from our quantitative equity team.

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In this issue:

Behind the scenes with our Strategic Asset Allocation Committee

Join James Martielli, head of Defined Contribution Advisory Services, for an in-depth discussion on Target Retirement Fund strategy decisions.

Expect meaningful results from future indexing innovations

Discover how we leverage new technology to increase efficiency and transparency in portfolio management and how we use it to minimize market impact costs (the costs incurred when we buy and sell securities in the market).

Vanguard Fixed Income Group: Inside the world of credit research

Learn how our credit research team contributes to the investment process for Vanguard's active fixed income funds.

Factoring in the future of active: What institutional investors should know

Our active quantitative equity team uses factor-based strategies to create low-cost active options. This article outlines when factor investing may benefit institutional investors.

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