Answering plan and participant needs with tech-driven personalization

July 30, 2021

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The recordkeeping industry is rapidly changing. Some trends we saw in 2020 point toward participants needing more help from plan sponsors and recordkeeping providers.

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While change can be intimidating or create a feeling of uncertainty, it also presents an opportunity to improve services and make a greater impact on the financial security of your plans' participants. For example, the power and role of technology is growing every day, and the data supports that:

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Vanguard is dedicated to not only embracing these technology trends, but driving them in a way that can help support your plans and participants with relevant retirement planning tools at each step of the journey to retirement.

While other recordkeepers are retreating, either by leaving the business or consolidating scale in a grind for profit, we're investing in emerging technologies that can create positive outcomes for your participants and make your life as a plan sponsor easier. One of the most important ways we're using technology is to create more personalized experiences for plan participants and sponsors.

The power of personalization

Personalizing content to each individual can instill confidence in your participants by delivering the right customized messages to them at the right time, and in a way that is more likely to result in positive actions toward their financial goals.

Personalization results in more action

Personlization results

"We're taking personalization further than never before," said Amber Czonstka, Vanguard principal and head of Advice and Client Experience. "We can adapt to participants' needs in real time across multiple channels by leveraging tools such as dynamic profiling, modular content, and artificial intelligence."

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We've also developed capabilities to facilitate ongoing, digital conversations. Smarter features, like our retirement projection tool, will help participants engage with their plans more effectively by connecting them to a personalized vision of their financial future.

Plan sponsor benefits

Participants aren't the only ones who can benefit from personalized experiences. We're also delivering stronger, faster insights and enhancements to ease your burdens as plan sponsors.

One of these tools is a fully revamped plan sponsor portal with expanded analysis and reporting capabilities to assess overall plan performance at a glance. Benefits of the new portal include:

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Standardization of the communications across the platform enables easy integration of new technology and functions.

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Intuitive navigation that makes it easy to find exactly the data or tool you need in just a click or two, so you can get more done faster.

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Powerful data analytics, including sentiment reporting. Find out how your participants are doing, how they're feeling, and most importantly, what you can do to help.

We're also able to collect and analyze data on the plan level, allowing us to deliver customized reports and recommendations through My Plan Manager™ and our Strategic Retirement Consulting experts.

What's next

Of course, this is just the beginning. To stay ahead of the evolving recordkeeping industry, we're using technology to constantly learn more about your needs as plan sponsors and the needs of your participants. This includes currently working to bring chat capabilities to market as well as a stand-alone mobile app.

We will continue to embrace the power of technology and deliver impactful solutions at an unprecedented pace in our quest to reimagine retirement.

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