Benchmark changes for Vanguard index funds

Vanguard has transitioned to new benchmarks for 22 index funds. Changing these indexes, which also affected some of our all-in-one funds, was staggered over several months. The table below outlines which funds changed benchmarks and includes an overview of their transitions.

International funds changing to FTSE benchmarks
FundOld MSCI benchmarkNew FTSE benchmarkTransition completion date
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund*MSCI Emerging Markets IndexFTSE Emerging Transition Index1/10/2013
FTSE Emerging Index6/28/2013
Vanguard European Stock Index FundMSCI Europe IndexFTSE Developed Europe Index3/27/2013
Vanguard Pacific Stock Index FundMSCI Pacific IndexFTSE Developed Asia Pacific Index3/27/2013
Vanguard Developed Markets Index FundMSCI EAFE IndexFTSE Developed ex North America Index4/17/2013
Vanguard Tax-Managed International FundMSCI EAFE IndexFTSE Developed ex North America Index5/29/2013
Vanguard Total International Stock Index FundMSCI ACWI ex USA IMI IndexFTSE Global All Cap ex US Index6/3/2013

*Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund tracked FTSE Emerging Transition Index for approximately six months before tracking FTSE Emerging Index.


All investing is subject to risk, including possible loss of principal. Investments in stocks issued by non-U.S. companies are subject to risks including country/regional risk and currency risk. Stocks of companies based in emerging markets are subject to national and regional political and economic risks and to the risk of currency fluctuations. These risks are especially high in emerging markets. Prices of mid- and small-cap stocks often fluctuate more than those of large-company stocks.

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