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Surveys1 show that while most employees admit they aren’t saving enough for retirement, few do anything about it. Saving for retirement has become more self-directed, but often participants need guidance to make the right investment decisions and to stay on track for retirement.

Success starts with autoprograms and plan design, but you can help your participants by providing multiple touch points to help them engage in retirement planning. From enrollment to retirement, Vanguard Retirement Plan Access™ provides service, support, and education. Assistance is just a phone call or a website away.

Education and guidance

As a plan sponsor, or in partnership with your advisor, you want to provide participants with the information they need for various life stages. Participants, after all, have a diverse set of retirement goals.

Vanguard is constantly designing and developing participant education and communication materials for advisor and plan sponsor use that encourage employees to rely on four pillars: enrollment, saving, investing, and retirement.

Enroll Save Invest Retire

Enroll in Your Plan is an education program designed to provide employees with information that can aid their decision to join your retirement plan.

The Save program is designed to educate participants about the value of saving more, to help them recognize what might be an appropriate savings rate for their circumstances, and to get them to increase their savings rate today.

The Invest program is designed to help your participants achieve “investment success” by focusing on the fundamentals of investing.

Strategies to help make your participants' savings last is the goal for the Retire program.

Participant services

You want support to help your participants pursue their retirement goals. Your participants can engage with your retirement plan with multiple touch points reinforcing the value of your retirement plan. With Vanguard Retirement Plan Access, you can rest assured they will receive the information and support they need, including:

  • An online library hosting a wide range of financial topics.
  • Live webinars focused on investments.
  • Tools and calculators to help set retirement goals.
  • Quarterly statements with account and performance details.
  • A retirement website with personalized dashboard.

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The most current retirement planning, saving, and investing information is available to participants anytime, anywhere through Vanguard MoneyWhys® Education and news center .


1Source: Behavioral Finance: Investment Mistakes and Solutions; David Laibson, Robert I. Goldman Professor of Economics, Harvard University, 2009.


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