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Three significant challenges you face in today’s retirement landscape are concerns about fiduciary risk and responsibility, the increasing complexity of plan administration, and the changing demographics of your workforce.

You need a retirement plan services provider that can help you handle these challenges. Even better would be a provider whose ideology and philosophy are specifically geared to helping you meet your needs. That’s why you need a provider like Vanguard.


Core retirement principles

Our core retirement principles, shaped by more than three decades of experience in the retirement business, are a key factor distinguishing Vanguard from other providers.

These principles seek to help plan sponsors simplify decision-making and filter the noise, letting you focus on what really matters most to your plan. Five key tenets support these principles:

5 key tenets

With these principles in mind, Vanguard will help you simplify your decisions so you can achieve your plan and participant objectives–a proven strategic approach to serving you.


You own us

Vanguard's unique corporate ownership structure promotes a consistent focus on you—our plan sponsor client. Unlike other companies in the defined contribution (DC) industry that are publicly traded or owned by a small group of individuals, Vanguard is owned by our clients. We’ve never been in a position of having to trade what’s best for clients for what’s best for the owners of the company because they are one and the same.

In turn, you benefit from our single-minded focus—helping investors reach their savings goals. From overall product and service decisions, to the dedication of each crew member, our culture emphasizes doing our very best every day to help you and your participants succeed.

In short, with no other parties to answer to, your best interests are at the heart of every decision we make.

Vanguard ownership structure

Working with your partners

Your consultant is a trusted advisor. Vanguard recognizes the value consultants bring to their clients and is committed to working closely with both to achieve success.


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