Let our professionals ease your administrative burden

Your Vanguard team can coordinate an extensive array of DB services so your team can focus on other organizational responsibilities.

Vanguard Pension Reinvestment Services™

  • Optimizing results for your plan and participants when working through the complexities of terminating a DB pension plan.
  • Helping you determine your final investment strategy.
  • Drawing upon our understanding of plan design and compliance issues.
  • Obtaining in-depth investment advice.
  • Helping your participants understand their options in lump-sum offerings or if your plan terminates, including access to Certified Financial Planners™.

Trustee services

  • Custody and fiduciary oversight.
  • Accounting reports, consolidated Form 5500 financial information.
  • Plan income collection and disbursement; securities movement and control.
  • Maintenance and settlement of transaction records.
  • Convenient internet access.


Pension payroll services

  • Check processing, both monthly and off-cycle, as well as annuity and lump-sum distributions.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct deposit.
  • Tax withholding, including calculating withholding amounts and ensuring federal and state compliance; issuing year-end Form 1099Rs.
  • Web and toll-free phone service for beneficiaries.

Plan consulting services

  • Provide insight and guidance on plan design issues and financial consequences.
  • Update you on Vanguard efforts of working with national policymakers to help shape retirement policy.
  • Provide strategies based on latest legal and regulatory requirements.

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