From operating funds to health and welfare benefit portfolios, Vanguard has the investment and advisory solutions for your organization’s needs.


Vanguard's wide range of investments, covering all types of strategies, gives you ultimate flexibility in investing operating funds or for other specialized needs. We can also manage your portfolio for you, through our turnkey advisory services. Your investing needs may include:

assets/operating funds

Corporate assets/operating funds. Whether you are a corporation or a nonprofit, we have proven programs for the medium- to long-term investment needs of your organization's investable assets.

Health and welfare
benefit portfolios

Health and welfare benefit portfolios. Many organizations turn to us for appropriate investments for their retiree medical benefit trusts, Voluntary Employee Benefit Association (VEBA) accounts, and other benefit portfolios.

Family offices

Family offices. For wealthy families with a family office to manage their financial affairs, Vanguard has investments and services to help.

Other specialized trusts
and portfolios

Other specialized trusts and portfolios. If your organization has special circumstances, such as investing the assets of a nuclear plant decommissioning trust or insurance reserves, Vanguard can provide investment solutions.

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