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Quick access to key information and analysis is critical to your success as a consultant. For your convenience, we've aggregated a variety of relevant and valuable resources from across Vanguard.



Investment resources

When you need quick, accurate information about all of our investments.


Fixed income

Target Retirement


Benchmarking & analysis

Benchmarking and analysis resources

Your need to offer insight, guidance, and benchmarking to your clients just got easier.

How America Saves

Fund lineup analysis tool

Create custom fund reports


Research & commentary

Research and commentary resources

You and your clients can benefit from our extensive research and commentary library.

Research & commentary

Vanguard Investment Perspectives

Blog Institutional Blog

Defined contribution services

Defined contribution services

It's more than just recordkeeping; it's about prudent responsibility.

Plan sponsor support

Plan administration

Fiduciary support


Defined benefit services

Defined benefit services

Derisking, immunization, and liability-driving investing (LDI)—what you need to know.

Managing pension risk

Plan sponsor support

Advisory services


Nonprofit services

Nonprofit services

Find resources on topics from investment committee best practices to portfolio construction.

Governance strategies

Fiduciary roles and laws


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